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Did you know that they typical engagement season is from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day? The most popular day to pop the question is Christmas Day with Valentine's Day as the runner up.

If you do become engaged this holiday season and move that fantastic relationship of yours to that next level, you may be wondering "Oh my gosh! What do I need to do first?"

1st) Congrats! I'm so excited for you! Celebrate! Relish in the delicious moment!

2nd) You will be so excited that you may want the whole world to now. I definitely suggest that before announcing your exciting news on social media, tell the people most close to you first. Could be your parents, siblings, best friend. Give them the honor of letting them know of your news. After all of the VIPS are notified, blast the announcement far and wide on social media.

3rd) Talk about your wedding timeline with your future spouse. You definitely want to be on the same page. One of you may be thinking fall wedding, the other dreams of a beach wedding  thinking year. You will definitely want to know where each of you stands in regards to when you would like to get married. Talk about who you two may want in your bridal party should you even want one.

4th) Secure the big 3-your venue for ceremony, venue for your reception and your photographer. Those 3 vendors book up fast and usually far in advance. You want to LOVE your venues and you want to LOVE your photographs! The other vendors are important but can usually fit your date into their schedule little further along in your planning.


Enjoy the process! Give yourselves plenty of time so that you can relax and enjoy. It can all be smooth as butter. When you hire vendors who know what they are doing, you will be in good hands. 






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Why Now? https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2021/6/why-now I have gotten a huge flux in inquiries for women's portrait sessions these past few weeks. Whether it's for contemporary glamour or contemporary boudoir, women are curious. So why now?

  • for a little "pick me up" -We all know it right? Covid....not getting out....feeling a bit blue (or a lot blue) 
  • feeling that "freeing" feeling of spring and summer-There's just something about the change to spring and summer that is exciting and encouraging.  This is such a great time to try something new!
  • Celebrating weight loss! This is a phenomenal reason to document your weight loss journey! See gorgeous, professional portraits of yourself with your new weight! I am proud of you!
  • You feel you just "deserve it"...Well,you know what? You absolutely do! How many photos do you take of your dogs, your kitties, your other kiddies, your friends, and you are not in a single one? 
  • You see gorgeous images and you wonder, "what would I look like, like that?"


Whatever the reason, I am here for you! You deserve it! See yourself in photographs! What a great way to celebrate YOU!


Every photo tells a story, let me tell yours!





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#1 Reason Why Brides End Up Hating Their Wedding Photos https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2020/12/-1-reason-why-brides-end-up-hating-their-wedding-photos


"Harper is such an amazing photographer! From the moment I first met with her, all the way until after our wedding, she was awesome! She got back to us right away whenever we asked her something and our photos came back so fast!  Harper really knows how to make you feel comfortable when taking pictures "isn't your thing". I would recommend her 1000 times!" ~Meghan V wedding date 9/12/2020




What's the #1 reason brides end up hating their wedding photos? You may not get the correct answer right off the bat, but after I tell you, you'll find yourself saying, "oh yeah, yep....I get that." 


Tell me how you would feel if:

-there is slow to no communication leading up to the wedding. I'm not talking about constant communication, but getting a response within a day of sending an email or calling with a simple question that you need answered

-you were only meeting your photographer the day of the wedding and you find that you really don't like them...yikes, right?!

-on the day of your wedding, your photographer is coming to to you asking you when do you want to take family photos? Who do you want in those photos? What time is this happening? What time is that happening?  Completely unaware of any timeline whatsoever.

-the photographer barks orders at you, your bridal party and family, expecting you to know how to pose

-the photographer doesn't give you any positive feedback on if you are even posing correctly

-the photographer snaps at your Auntie who is just trying to get "that one photo"


You probably wouldn't FEEL very good, would you? Heck no!


The #1 reason why brides end up unhappy with their photographs is due to how the photographer made her feel. The photographs, themselves, could be the most beautiful, award winning images but if she was unhappy with the whole experience, THAT is what she sees in the pictures. 








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A Touch of Class https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2019/11/a-touch-of-class

Looking for a little spice? Want to feel empowered? Give yourself the gift of boudoir. It's a once in a lifetime experience~

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A Little Fall Family Fun https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2019/10/a-little-fall-family-fun

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A Little Peek into Meghan and Josh https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2019/10/a-little-peek-into-meghan-and-josh

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The Beauty of an Autumn Engagment Session https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2019/10/the-beauty-of-an-autumn-engagment-session

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Tips for Your Wedding Flowers with Kate Rice, Little Leaf Florist https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2019/1/tips-for-your-wedding-flowers-with-kate-rice-little-leaf-florist

My goodness I have seen some gorgeous floral arrangments over the past 19 years in this business. Kate Rice, from Little Leaf Florist creates the most gorgeous and unique arrangements that I have ever seen. They have always been fresh and last the entire wedding day. Her work is almost to the point that when I see arrangements online I can instantly tell that it was made by Kate before even looking to see who posted the photo.

I asked Kate if she could give us a few tips to pass on to brides planning a wedding. Here's what she had to say: (oh...and I couldn't resist posting some of her gorgeous work)


Hi Loves.. ok... I'd say 3 tips:

1) look for a florist that likes to go beyond the ordinary, uses their own signature style to stand apart ..you know..to have fun

2) look for a florist that will help you beyond the language of stems...help you with props, coordinating with your other vendors etc

3) look for a florist and choose a florist that knows their product, which product is available which time of year...and suggests ways to reuse, adjust and keep the budget modest...not inflated just because they could.

##choose based on how excited she/they get from your first meeting...based of the collaborative synergies you both feed off if each other!!! ❤

Here's how you can get a hold of Kate:


(847) 381-7800

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An AWESOME wedding DJ does more than play good music.... https://www.harperfischer.com/blog/2015/4/an-awesome-wedding-dj-does-more-than-play-good-music

So what does a wedding DJ do?

He just pushes buttons right?

He make puts on a tuxedo and makes announcements right?

Well that might be part of it, but there are many behind the scenes tasks a wedding DJ needs to take care of. The more experience the DJ has the more they take care of, I’ll explain.

A new DJ will set up basic equipment, hopefully make introductions on time. Tell people it’s time for dinner then play dance music the rest of the night.

An experienced Wedding DJ will have a quality sound system, wireless microphone, digital sound library and the correct versions of the bride and grooms song selections ready. They will also be in direct contact with the banquet manager to make sure the timing for serving dinner is on schedule. The DJ might have to stall and give the hall an extra 10 minutes to pour champagne. Otherwise nobody, including the bride and groom will not have anything to toast with.

Having perfect timing is crucial. Imagine you starting the first dance right when the dessert is being served and the wait staff is walking all over the dancefloor and clanking spoons and dishes. Or they are still clearing plates during uncle Jack’s touching toast. It’s something to be very aware of.

The Wedding DJ is the guy or gal who will run almost everything at the wedding reception. The florist, the photographer and even the banquet manager will not do this. It’s 100% up to the DJ to get the bridal party lined up in the correct order with the correct names at the correct time.

These are just a few of the things experienced wedding DJ’s take care of. The bride and groom will not even know you are doing them, they will just notice that the wedding day ran very smooth.

Do your research and find the right company that has the experience and the skills.

Dan Neilson

I Wed Solutions DJ Service




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